Converting Payments Into Cash: MONEY IN THE BANK


Converting Payments Into Cash: MONEY IN THE BANK

BY Robert Inkaka Kanyamanza

Many businesses fail to close the loop quickly enough on their cash to cash cycle. Remember, the sooner you turn customers’ payments into usable cash, the sooner you can pay bills, reduce your credit line or reinvest. – all important facets of a healthy business circulation system.

Your bank can help speed up this cash cycle, particularly – but not exclusively – by helping you taking advantage of the new e-payments environment that is now friendly to businesses of all kind. Web-based product have removed all the traditional barriers of high costs and complex software integration with accounting packages. They have brought the cost of enrollment down, and standard accounting software now lets anyone create the kinds of basic payment files that allow you to share necessary client and supplier information with your bank.

So take note: E-payments are now viable at much lower volumes.

In the same line of thinking ROBERTKA Business Solutions specialists will look at the now many options on our hands, chief among them:

  • Direct payments
  • Lock box
  • Receiver Service and more

So stay tuned for these coming important information or for a hasty application contact us at:

ROBERTKA Business Solutions
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