The Secret to a Better Cash Flow Management



The Secret to Maximizing Cash Flow

BY Robert Inkaka B. Kanyamanza

We, ROBERTKA Business Solutions, hereby want to offer companies concise, practical information on topics that are central to business success.
This will be a series of short texts to be considered as a guide on how to deal with ways to manage cash flow effectively so your business goals are attainable. As every business person knows, or learns the hard way, cash flow is the lifeblood of a company and has to be managed as effectively as sales and profitability.
Managing cash flow effectively starts with a set of projections of where cash will come from, when you will receive it, and when and why you will need to use it. If you are uncertain about preparing a reliable cash flow projection, this guide offers a workbook with a detailed example that you might find useful.
Your cash flow projection will show you the periods when your company needs additional cash and when you may have excess cash on hands – Exactly the time when you might need this guide useful.
We will outline a range of strategies, product and services that companies uses to deal with cash shortages, put excess cash to work generating more cash or how you can contribute to overall profitability by helping you make more informed decisions by understanding cash flow implications.
Please take a few minutes to look through these guiding texts – you may find some innovative ideas that could be applicable to your business. If you would like to explore one or more of the strategies outlined here or find out more about a service or product that’s described, please call on us.
Our success is linked to your success. These guides are one way that we try to help growing African businesses succeed.

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